Advice on becoming a football coach?

Can I have advice on a few things about coaching?

Q1: I am from Greenock, Scotland – Where can I go for coaching badges?

A: In Scotland visit the SFA website for info or your own country’s FA website as they will have all the current info you need on becoming a coach and sitting your badges

For information per country click on the country below to visit that country’s FA website for information.

Australia, Canada, Denmark, EnglandGermany, Holland, Ireland Italy, Northern IrelandSpain, Wales, USA

Q2: I am 15 (4th March 1996) – What age do I need to be?

A: According to SFA website 13+ in that country. 

Q3: How long would the course be?

A: Level 1, module 1.1 is 6 hours

A: from Chris Kirby … Its great to have ambition. You sound like I did when I started coaching at the age of 15. I am now 22 and am working for a professional club within their centre of excellence and working my way up the coaching badges, currently qualified to UEFA B standard. I went to Uni to do a sports coaching degree, I hear Liverpool Uni does it. I went down this route as to be a top top manager you need to gain experience at ever level. It will be hard but I am not knocking your ambition, as the famous quote goes, aim for the sky and you will never reach the stars, aim for the stars and you will reach the sky! set your targets high, just have realistic ones.